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UPDATE: White Russet Idaho Potatoes

October 04, 2016

2016-2017 New Crop White Russets

  • New crop White Russet harvesting is underway; potatoes will be stored in cellars, allowing potatoes to undergo the sweat process before shipment
  • Temperatures have been ideal through the White Russet growth phase
    • Quality is excellent
    • High yields are forecast
  • Growers will begin shipping out of storage the week of October 24 and continue through early September 2017 or until supplies are depleted (whichever comes first)
    • Storage supplies were depleted by mid-July this past year
    • Growers increased acreage for the 2016-2017 season by 30% to extend the storage season
  • The White Russet possesses unique characteristics
    • Internal tissue remains white when cut or peeled, while conventional Russet potatoes begin to darken once exposed to air/oxygen
    • These qualities enable efficiencies in the kitchen:
      • Chefs do not have to soak potatoes in citric acid or sulphates
      • Kitchen shrink is reduced
      • Black spots and bruising caused by handling are reduced up to 45%
  • Acrylamide is reduced 50% to 80% when baked or fried at high temperatures; studies show that acrylamide has caused cancer in animals when exposed at very high doses

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