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UPDATE: West Coast Spring Harvesting Transitions

March 12, 2018

Please click here to view a Markon presentation about the upcoming West Coast spring harvesting transitions.

  • Although many produce items are available year-round, most are not harvested in the same region the entire time
    • West Coast lettuce and leafy greens growers and value-added processors make seasonal moves in the fall and spring
    • Other frequently ordered produce items that transition include broccoli, celery, and strawberries
    • Markon inspectors travel with the seasons, monitoring product daily to ensure quality and food safety standards are met
  • The Arizona/California desert season is quickly coming to an end
  • Suppliers will start limited production in Huron, California beginning the week of March 12
  • Markon inspectors will move to these areas shortly; more information regarding quality and supply levels will be available soon

Please contact your Markon customer service representative for more information.

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