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UPDATE: Tropical Storm Danielle

June 20, 2016

Tropical Storm Danielle will make landfall along Mexico’s southern Gulf Coast today. The depression is forecast to move west over eastern Mexico. Areas including Tampico, Tuxpan, and Veracruz are expected to receive 8-12 inches of rain over the next three days.


  • Veracruz, Mexico is the main region for year-round lime production
  • The surge of rainfall will suspend harvesting for two to five days as groves dry out
  • Shipments into South Texas are steady, but will experience a short-lived drop due to delayed harvests
  • Looking forward one to two weeks, the increased moisture will promote growth and increase size
  • The lime market may rise temporarily as the storm impact slows production, however overall volume will continue to increase through July as Veracruz reaches its peak production from July through August
  • Prices will continue to ease through early July


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