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April 30, 2021

Florida weather has improved and increased tomato production. Supply levels in mainland Mexico will decline in May while growers slowly transition to Baja and California.


  • Florida’s improved weather has increased production;
    • Harvesting is focused in the Ruskin/Palmetto area
    • All sizes are available; rent rain has increased grading/culling measures, but final packs are of good quality
  • Vine ripe production is slowing down in the western parts of Mexico; the season will end in early to mid-June
  • Expect volume to increase in the eastern areas of Mexico as late spring harvesting gets underway
  • California’s Imperial Valley season is expected to start May 10
    • Growers will transition to the Central Valley in mid-June
    • Quality is good: no major issues are being reported
  • Prices are expected to rise


  • Florida volume has rebound to normal levels for this time of year
    • Weather has improved
    • Previous rain affected quality
    • Growers are grading/culling more heavily
  • Mexican volume is steady
    • The Baja region will ramp up over the next two to three weeks
    • Quality ranges from average to good: some green shoulders and color issues are being observed while grading
  • Expect higher prices over the next two weeks


  • Florida production has increased; quality is good
  • Mexican volume will shift throughout May from the mainland over to Baja region
  • Prices are expected to remain stable  


  • Florida has ample supplies; quality is good
  • Mexican volume is low; quality is fair
  • Prices are steady

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