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UPDATE: Tomatoes

June 01, 2015


Tomato prices are climbing. Harvesting is in transition on both coasts. Markets will continue to rise next week as production winds down in Florida and mainland Mexico.


East Coast

  • The mature green season is wrapping up in the Ruskin-Palmetto region of Central Florida
  • Harvesting will start in the regions of Quincy, Florida and South Carolina in 7 to 10 days, then continue through late July
  • Production will be focused in Virginia and nearby regional areas from late July through October
  • Prices are escalating, especially for jumbo and extra-large sizes
  • Cherry, grape, and Roma supplies are sufficient; these markets will remain steady


West Coast

  • Limited quantities of mature green tomatoes are being harvested in the California desert region of Indio
    • All sizes are available
    • Quality is excellent
  • San Joaquin Valley production will start in late June and continue through the summer
  • Cherry, grape, and vine ripe stocks from mainland Mexico (into Nogales, Arizona and South Texas) will remain on the market for the next two to three weeks; Roma supplies will remain available from Central Mexico (into South Texas)
  • Growers in Baja, Mexico are harvesting sufficient supplies of cherry, grape, and Roma tomatoes; vine ripe volume will increase over the next month
    • Baja is the main source of West Coast supplies during summer months
    • The San Joaquin Valley season will begin in late June
  • West Coast stocks are meeting demand, but prices will increase as production transitions and supply levels become sporadic on the East Coast
  • Tropical Storm Andres is currently moving through the Eastern Pacific
    • No warnings are in effect for Baja, but rain and windy conditions may affect some yields
    • Markon is monitoring the system’s movement and will update if the trajectory changes


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