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UPDATE: Tomatoes

October 21, 2016

Tomato supplies remain limited. California production is winding down; growers are transitioning to Florida. Above-average rainfall in Florida over the past several weeks will reduce initial fall harvesting yields by 40%. Round tomato prices will be elevated through November as East Coast growers brace for a demand-exceeds-supply market. Harvesting in Baja, Mexico will increase over the next 10 days. Production in the main growing regions of Culiacan and Jalisco, Mexico is slated to start by early December.


East Coast

  • Mature green tomato production will transition to Florida over the next two weeks
  • The Ruskin and Palmetto regions will start harvesting by the end of next week
    • Limited supplies are expected through mid-November
    • Extreme rainfall throughout August and September has reduced yields by 40% in some fields
    • Quality issues will include reduced shelf-life and early breakdown
  • Roma harvesting will begin in Immokalee, Florida over the next week
    • Prices will ease as industry stocks increase
    • Roma quality is strong despite the continuous wet conditions over the past two months

West Coast and Mexico

  • California mature green production will continue in the San Joaquin Valley for another three weeks
    • Light showers over the past week delayed production and pushed prices higher
    • Ideal weather is expected next week; however, potential rain is forecast for Saturday, November 5
  • Roma stocks will increase significantly over the next week as regions in Central Baja, Mexico hit the market; expect prices to ease
  • Mexican vine ripe stocks continue to cross into Nogales, McAllen, and San Diego
    • Supplies are limited and prices are high
    • The mainland areas in Culiacan and Jalisco will remain the primary growing regions throughout winter; production is slated to start by early December
  • Grape and cherry tomato supplies remain limited; strong demand is keeping markets elevated

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