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UPDATE: Tomatoes

October 06, 2016

Tomato prices are rising; volume is low on both coasts. The California mature green tomato season will wind down over the next three to four weeks. Florida production is scheduled to start over the next ten days, but because Hurricane Matthew is expected to make landfall in Eastern Florida tonight, harvesting dates may get delayed and crop yields may fall. Above-average rain totals throughout August, as well as potentially severe impact from Matthew could greatly reduce Florida supplies throughout the fall and winter seasons. Expect prices to continue increasing through October. Growers in Baja, Mexico will start fall cherry, grape, Roma, and vine ripe tomato production in the next two weeks. Stocks will be limited until the season in Culiacan, Mexico starts in late December.

Mature Green

  • Seasonal harvesting transitions and adverse weather will cause volatile markets on both coasts
  • California growers will finish their season by early November
  • East Coast production is winding down in Virginia and the Carolinas; cooler nights and shorter days are starting to slow maturity
  • Production will ramp up in Northern Florida and Georgia over the next two weeks, although the potential impact from Hurricane Matthew remains uncertain
  • The Ruskin-Palmetto, Florida season will start by early November; heavy rains in August and potential impact from the hurricane may reduce yields

Roma and Vine Ripe

  • Baja growers are between crops; the next fields will be ready for harvest in two to three weeks
  • Mexican production will increase over the next month; prices continue to rise as demand exceeds supply
    • Crops in mainland Mexico will start arriving into Nogales, Arizona by late October
    • Shipments into McAllen, Texas are slowly increasing as growers in Central Mexico harvest the final leg of the summer season
  • Regional supplies in the Northeastern U.S. are tightening
  • Expect elevated markets through November as Florida production dates get pushed back due to weather

Cherry and Grape

  • East Coast harvests are winding down fast; cooler weather is slowing growth
  • Production will transition into Georgia and Northern Florida over the next two weeks, however severe weather affecting the region will reduce volume
  • Expect elevated prices and limited stocks through early November

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