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UPDATE: Tomatoes

February 16, 2015


Florida supplies will be limited over the next few weeks due to cool temperatures in the Immokalee growing region. Cold nighttime temperatures will stunt maturity and lead to sporadic harvesting schedules. Supplies from Mexico remain ample, but increased demand from the East Coast will result in higher prices.



Cold weather will tighten supplies for the next two to three weeks; expect higher prices

Quality is high, but tomatoes will take longer to gain color

Plantings are seasonally lighter during winter months due to increased supplies from Mexico

Cherry, grape, and Roma prices are also higher due to fewer supplies



Weekend rain and cool temperatures in the Sinaloa growing region will result in tighter stocks this week

Mature green, Roma, and vine ripe supplies are available, but prices are higher due to increased demand from the East Coast

Cherry and grape tomatoes are limited; prices are higher

Quality is excellent; Western Mexico will continue harvesting through June


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