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UPDATE: Summer Lemon Supplies

June 01, 2015


Long-term effects of California’s record drought are beginning to impact this year’s lemon crop. Lack of natural rain water is reducing the size (smaller), yield (lower), and overall shelf-life of citrus. Current supplies are dominated by 165-count and smaller fruit. Expect prices to continue climbing through mid-summer due to a demand-exceeds-supply situation, especially for 140-count and larger sizes.


  • Markon First Crop Lemons are available; quality is very good
    • The Southern California season is in full swing; approximately 60% of this season’s crop has been harvested
      • Available supplies are dominated by 165- and 200-count sizes
      • 140-count and larger sizes are expected to remain very tight through summer
    • Southern California stocks will be on the market through September; the Arizona and Mexican seasons will begin in August
    • Growers are closely managing fertilizer and irrigation schedules to help offset the stresses of the drought
    • Strategic harvesting is in place to ensure only optimum size fruit is harvested; crews are leaving some fruit on trees longer to continue to grow in size
    • Packing sheds are utilizing cold-chain management, different waxes, and post-harvest chemical applications to help extend shelf-life
    • Mexican supplies have not been impacted by the drought like domestic stocks; no issues are being reported at this time
    • Offshore lemons from Chile are expected to hit the market in late June; this should help ease some East Coast demand


Markon will continue to update as more information becomes available.