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October 26, 2017


  • Markon First Crop (MFC) Jumbo Carrots will be limited over the next three to four weeks; California jumbo carrot volume is extremely low
  • Potential substitutions include:
  • Clip-top carrots: 50-pound bags
  • Table carrots: 25-pound bags or cartons
  • The diameter of table and clip top carrots will be 1” versus the 1¼” plus diameter that jumbo carrots possess
  • Mexican supplies (into South Texas) are steady; Mexican jumbo carrots are typically larger than California varieties at 1½” to 2¼” diameter
  • Expect elevated markets over the next month as West Coast size increases


  • MFC Celery is available out of California’s Salinas Valley
  • The market will climb as the East Coast and Canadian seasons wind down, pushing demand to Arizona and California
  • Retail demand will ramp up for the Thanksgiving holiday in two weeks

Idaho Potatoes

  • MFC Norkotah Potatoes are readily available
  • Limited quantities of packer label Burbanks are now on the market; MFC Burbank Potatoes will begin shipping from storage the week of November 6
  • Strong demand for the Thanksgiving holiday typically begins in early November
  • Storage crop Idaho White Russet potatoes will be available at the end of the week

Ready-Set-Serve (RSS) Fresh–Cut Grapefruit Products

  • Texas Rio Red grapefruits are back in season and will be on the market through May
  • Fresh-cut grapefruit will begin transitioning into new crop Texas Rio supplies in November; there may be some variability in the internal color due to mixed varieties of raw product
  • Expect mild flavor in early season Texas Rios; color will deepen and flavor will sweeten as the season progresses

Please contact your Markon customer service representative for more information.

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