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October 22, 2020

Broccoli and Cauliflower

  • Demand has fallen
  • Markets have bottomed out this week, but will continue to be volatile as we head towards the seasonal harvesting transition away from the Salinas Valley
  • Mexican-grown broccoli is readily available (into South Texas)
  • Markon First Crop Broccoli and Markon Essentials Cauliflower quality is good


  • Cantaloupe and honeydew markets are easing as supplies ramp up in Arizona and Mexico
    • Domestic supplies are adequate; the weather has been favorable
    • Quality is good; fall melons have a light green cast due to fewer daylight hours and cooler temperatures
    • Sugar levels range from 11 to 14 Brix for cantaloupe and 11 to 13 for honeydew
  • New crop packer label Mexican cantaloupes and honeydews (crossing through Nogales, Arizona) are also on the market
  • Offshore packer label melons will begin arriving on the East Coast in mid-November and on the West Coast by December 7

California Valencias

  • The Valencia variety has darker orange exterior/rinds with a rougher appearance than new crop Navels
  • Sugar levels are currently 13 to 15 Brix
  • Valencia quality concerns continue to include re-greening, softness, and scarring

California Navels

  • Navels will be lighter in color initially
  • All Navels will be gassed at the beginning of the season to enhance the color; current gas times are 72 to 96 hours
  • Sugar levels are currently 10.5 to 12 Brix
  • Markon has begun shipping the first Navels of the season this week       

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