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October 04, 2018

Green Onions

  • The green onion market remains active; heavy rains from Tropical Storm Rosa continue to affect harvesting
  • Supplies are limited in the Baja and Mexicali, Mexico growing regions
  • Prices are high


  • Supplies will be available in the Salinas/Watsonville, California region through October
  • Mexico supplies should ramp up in late October, while Florida strawberries will be on the market in mid- to late November
  • Quality defects may increase as California’s Salinas Valley experienced a light rain yesterday
  • Prices are steady                                                                     

White Russet Potatoes

  • White Russet potatoes will be unavailable until January 7, 2019
  • Growers have started harvesting new crop White Russets, but have opted to delay shipment until they clear the sweat process
  • Issues with White Russet stock seed resulted in growers decreasing acreage by one third
  • The Norkotah variety is filling the void left by the delay in White Russets

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