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November 29, 2018

Bell Peppers

  • Expect higher prices and tight supplies until the Mexico season ramps up in mid-December
  • The California desert season is coming to an end; many growers have finished harvesting for the season
  • Mexican stocks will not begin crossing into Arizona and Texas until mid-December
  • Florida production is limited

Cooler Weather Creating Volatile Markets

  • Expect high prices and tight broccoli, cauliflower, iceberg, and tender leaf supplies over the next week
  • Sustained cold weather will slow maturity in the Arizona/California desert region
  • Low temperatures (not above 70 degrees) are forecast over the next five to seven days   
  • Lettuce ice will further lower volume by reducing harvesting hours


  • Prices will increase through December/January
  • California’s grape harvest has ended; supplies will ship from storage through late December/early January
  • New crop Chilean and Peruvian stocks are expected on the market at that time
  • Markon Essentials Red Seedless Grapes will not be available beginning the week of December 3

Idaho Potatoes

  • Cold weather is expected in Eastern Idaho next week which may affect production and loading times
  • Internal black spots and bruising can occur when raw product is hauled below 18 degrees
  • Markon suppliers utilize on-site storage to minimize loading delays and defects


  • Prices are rising
  • Supplies will be extremely limited over the next two weeks due to unfavorable weather conditions
  • Mexican stocks are tight; colder-than-normal temperatures and rain are affecting growth
  • The Florida season has just begun, but volume will increase over the next three weeks                                 

Please contact your Markon customer service representative for more information.

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