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UPDATE SUMMARY: Week of May 4, 2015

May 07, 2015


Mother’s Day demand has ended; short-term green leaf, iceberg, romaine, and strawberry prices are expected to inch down, but overall markets will remain elevated for the next several weeks; cooler Salinas Valley temperatures are slowing growth. The Chilean grape season is winding down; new crop Mexican seedless Perlette and Flame varieties will begin shipping soon.


California Oranges

  • Limited quantities of late-season Navels will be on the market through next week; new crop Valencia fruit is on the market
  • Prices are elevated
  • Markon First Crop (MFC) Oranges are sporadic; packer label is being substituted as needed
  • The market should start easing by late May when new crop Valencia stocks increase


California Strawberries

  • Supplies remain limited due to lower-than-normal temperatures
  • The market is steady to slightly lower
  • MFC Strawberries are available in 2/4-pound and 8/1-pound packs; quality is excellent
  • Although supplies are expected to remain tight, they will meet demand



  • Chilean green seedless bag supplies are rapidly decreasing; red seedless Chilean stocks will be available for another two weeks
  • Prices for green seedless bags continue to rise; the market for red seedless bags remains stable
  • MFC Lunch Bunch Grapes (in 21-pound packs) are not available; packer label is being substituted
  • New crop Mexican green seedless Perlette supplies began shipping Wednesday, May 6; Mexican new crop Flames will begin shipping the week of May 18



  • Storage stocks from the Northwestern regions will remain on the market through the end of the month
  • Prices are steady
  • MFC Onions are available in California, Idaho, Oregon, Texas, and Washington
  • Expect MFC Onions from New Mexico to become available the first week of June


Salinas Valley Prices

  • Harvesting dates are ahead of schedule due to last month’s above-normal temperatures; recent cool weather has resulted in a supply gap
  • Iceberg and romaine prices have settled into the low to mid-teens; green leaf and cauliflower prices are elevated
  • Effective Monday, May 4, Ready-Set-Serve Green Leaf prices increased to second-tier trigger levels
  • MFC Premium Iceberg and Romaine are sporadic; Markon Best Available will be substituted as necessary
  • Expect prices to remain elevated for the next 7 to 10 days


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