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May 28, 2020

Broccoli and Cauliflower

  • A supply gap is expected to develop
    • Temperatures will swing from abnormally hot (pushing plant maturity faster than scheduled), to significantly cooler weather later this week and next (slowing growth)
    • Due to the depressed market over the past 60 days, many growers have allowed some broccoli fields to go to seed and/or plowed them under
  • Broccoli stocks can be supplemented in South Texas with product from Central Mexico
    • Mexican broccoli volume is adequate
    • Quality is good: Central Mexico has seen little rain recently


  • Mexican volume is higher than normal; weak demand is keeping available stocks plentiful  
  • The crop is dominated by 200-count and smaller sizes; 150-count and larger limes are not as abundant
  • Prices are expected to remain low for the next several weeks

California Row Crops

  • All Central Coast and Salinas Valley commodities are readily available
  • Weather has improved and Memorial Day demand has subsided
  • The broccoli, cauliflower and iceberg markets will ease
  • Green leaf and romaine prices (which have held steady over the past few weeks) will weaken as well

Green Leaf. Iceberg. Romaine

  • The heat spike that hit California growing regions this week, coupled with an upcoming cooling trend, will affect iceberg quality
  • Heat-related issues include growth cracks, internal burn, mildew, seeder, and tip burn
  • Harvesting crews will work diligently to remove damaged leaves   


  • Limited quantities of Markon First Crop (MFC) Onions are also on the market from New Mexico; supplies will increase in the coming weeks
  • Southern California-grown MFC Onions will be available through the next week
  • California’s Central Valley growers will begin shipping the week of June 8
  • The South Texas season ends next week; packer label onions will be available in Uvalde, Texas through June 13  
  • Fresh-run onions have feathery skins and light color compared to Northwest storage onions


  • The Burbank variety will be shipped until new crop, field-run Norkotahs become available in late July/early August  
  • 40- through 70-count stocks will require more lead-time to produce; expect active pricing
  • 90- to 120-count potatoes dominate supplies; markets will remain steady
  • Pressure bruising and hollow heart will become more prevalent in potatoes weighing 10 ounces or more
  • Low temperatures during harvesting (back in October 2019), have affected the integrity of storage crop Burbanks

Santa Maria

  • MFC Strawberries are available
  • Production is strong
  • Quality is very good


  • MFC Strawberries are available
  • Minor rain is forecast for Friday and Saturday
  • Weather-related quality issues may include: bruising, decay, mold, and off-color


  • The Sinaloa and Sonora seasons will wind down over the next few weeks; supplies are below normal levels
  • Baja, Central Mexico, Jalisco, and Michoacan will not see significant round tomato volume until mid-June
  • Baja is the primary growing region for the Roma variety; supplies are average, but demand has increased


  • East Coast tomato stocks will transition to Northern Florida over the next week; volume is lower than normal
  • Expect tight round and grape tomato supplies until the transition is complete
  • Quality is fair


  • New crop production has started in a limited manner, starting with mature green stocks
  • Supplies will not increase until mid- to late June when Northern California production ramps up

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