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UPDATE SUMMARY: Week of May 25, 2015

June 01, 2015


The long-term effects of California’s record drought are beginning to impact this year’s lemon crop, affecting size, yield, and shelf-life; current supplies are dominated by small-size fruit. The dry onion market is active due to harvesting transitions between growing regions; expect prices to remain elevated through mid-June. Cauliflower supplies are slowly increasing, while demand is weakening.


Idaho Potatoes

  • Large Idaho Burbank and Norkotah potatoes (40- through 70-count supplies) remain limited; small sizes (80- through 100-count potatoes) are ample
  • While the market has stabilized for now, prices for large-size potatoes will rise during the last couple months of the storage crop season (June and July); prices for small sizes should remain steady
  • No major quality issues or concerns have been reported; pressure and/or shoulder bruising are the results of pressure at points of contact with adjacent potatoes or the floor, while potatoes sit in storage sheds
  • New crop harvesting of fresh-run potato shipments will begin in late July; storage crop harvests will start in September and run through most of October



  • The lack of natural rain water in California is impacting size (smaller), yields (lower), and the overall shelf-life of citrus; current supplies are dominated by 165-count and smaller fruit
  • Prices continue to rise
  • Markon First Crop (MFC) Lemons are available; quality is very good
  • Expect prices to climb through mid-summer; demand will exceed supply for 140-count and larger sizes



  • Because the Northwest season is ending and the Texas harvest yielded low volume, demand will be focused in California and New Mexico; packer label storage stocks from the Northwestern regions will not be on the market after this week
  • MFC Onions are available in California; MFC Onions from New Mexico will be on the market next week
  • Expect prices to remain elevated until mid-June when stocks reach volume levels in the new crop regions


RSS Cauliflower

  • Supplies are slowly increasing; high prices are slowing demand
  • Quality is very good
  • Expect prices to continue easing next week


RSS Green Leaf

  • Supplies are increasing; prices are inching down
  • Quality is excellent; yields are adequate 
  • Expect prices to continue easing next week


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