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UPDATE SUMMARY: Week of March 7, 2016

March 10, 2016


Chilean grape production is beginning to increase after a late start, reduced vessel arrivals, and rain in a major growing region back in late January; prices have eased significantly. Norkotah potato stocks will start to diminish in late March; the Burbank variety will be shipped until new crop, field-run Norkotahs become available in September. Supplies are adequate and prices are steady. Rain in the Santa Maria, California growing region has limited strawberry supplies, impacted quality, and increased prices; Oxnard, California received less rain, keeping volume level. 



  • Sufficient supplies of green and red seedless grapes are on the market
  • Prices have eased significantly
  • Suppliers are working through this fruit quickly due to shortened shelf-life and quality concerns caused by the rain
  • Markon First Crop (MFC) Grapes are available in 21-pound portion packs; packer label supplies will be substituted as needed
  • New crop Mexican stocks will be on the market in mid-May

Idaho Potatoes

  • Idaho Burbank and Norkotah storage supplies are adequate
  • Prices will remain relatively steady, with slight fluctuations, through the end of the 2015-2016 season (June-July)
  • Storage crop stocks may have pressure bruising (soft indentations) as a result of pressure at points of contact with adjacent potatoes or the floor while potatoes sit in storage sheds
  • Norkotah volume will start to diminish in late March and continue until depleted in early May; at that stage, the Burbank variety will be shipped until new crop, field-run Norkotahs become available


  • Supply is meeting demand
  • The Northwest onion season in Idaho, Oregon, Utah, and Washington will run through April
  • The Texas onion crop will start in early April; production will begin in California by late April
  • Storage supplies of Markon First Crop (MFC) Onions in Idaho, Oregon, Utah, and Washington will diminish through the month of April
  • Expect steady prices over the next several weeks


  • Stocks are limited in the Santa Maria, California growing region; supplies are sufficient in Oxnard, California
  • Southern California prices have increased slightly; Florida is steady to slightly higher than last week
  • MFC Strawberries are not available; Markon Best Available and packer label supplies in one-pound clamshells are being substituted due to rain in Southern California
  • Expect rain-related quality issues such as bleeding, bruising, decay, rain/water damage, and wind scarring
  • Florida supplies will remain on the market through Easter


  • Rain has temporarily stalled production in the southwestern growing regions of Mexico, reducing supplies being transferred into Arizona and South Texas
  • Prices are climbing in all areas as demand shifts to Florida
  • Expect the market to remain elevated through March

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