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March 07, 2019

California Strawberries

  • Rain continues to impact the major California strawberry growing regions
  • The Florida season is past peak production; most Mexican suppliers have ended harvesting for the season
  • Supplies will remain limited over the next two weeks
  • Prices are rising


  • Temperatures have risen in the Arizona/California desert growing region, increasing yields
  • While demand is slightly down this week, inventories are snug
  • Elevated markets are forecast through the transition north to the Salinas Valley

Green Leaf, Iceberg, and Romaine

  • Temperatures are inching up in the Arizona/California desert growing region, promoting crop growth and increasing supplies
  • Expect prices to fluctuate as suppliers transition north to the growing regions of Huron and Salinas, California over the next four to six weeks
  • Markon anticipates quality to improve and weights to increase in late April
  • Prices are easing


  • Mexican lime shipments into the U.S. are down significantly; supplies are extremely limited
  • Rain slowed production in the growing region of Veracruz, Mexico earlier this week, further depleting volume
  • Flexibility in size and grade may be needed to fill orders
  • Prices are escalating


  • Mexican production is below-normal due to cold weather and transitioning crops
  • Florida supplies are low this time of year due to strong Mexican presence on the tomato market
  • Tight stocks are expected for the next two weeks
  • Roma and round tomato prices are climbing for all sizes

White Russet Potatoes

  • The crop profile is comparable to the conventional Burbank crop
  • Size is dominated by 80- through 120-count potatoes; ordering 40- through 70-count stocks requires more lead-time
  • Production is limited; for consolidation in Idaho Falls, orders must be placed 48 hours in advance
  • Supplies will be shipped through July without any further gaps

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