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June 25, 2020

Brussels Sprouts

  • Growers are transitioning from Mexico to California (Salinas, Santa Maria, and Watsonville)
  • Mexican stocks are in short supply as the season winds down
  • California yields are also low as the season is just starting; stocks are expected to ramp up by mid-July


  • Domestic 6-count cantaloupes dominate the desert crop; jumbo sizes are the most plentiful
    • 9-count melons are tight; prices are elevated
    • 12-count melons are extremely limited
    • 15- and 18-count cantaloupes are in even shorter supply
  • Small sizes will remain scarce through July 6; substituting larger sizes may be required until then
  • Limited quantities of bin cantaloupes are available on the East Coast (Florida and Georgia)


  • The Oxnard, California season will end this week
  • Inconsistent Salinas Valley weather has slowed maturity
  • Both commodity and value-added yields are currently below average
  • Production will be focused in the Salinas Valley until the Canadian and Michigan seasons start in July; overall stocks will increase at that time


  • California weather has been warmer than normal over the past several weeks
    • High humidity is encouraging seeder development and yellowing leaves
    • These conditions may reduce shelf-life
  • Markon Inspectors are working diligently with RSS suppliers to remove and/or reduce quality problems


  • Both crops are dominated by jumbo and colossal sizes; prices are elevated due to lack of availability of medium-sized
  • The fresh-run onion shipping process is different than the one used for Northwest storage onions
    • Onions are harvested directly from the field and brought into storage facilities at field temperatures, sometimes more than 100°F
    • Stocks are stored in crates (often for less than a week) with large fans creating a strong airflow to dry outer skins
    • Overall color is much lighter and skins are feathery when compared to the golden husks of storage crop onions
  • Markon recommends storing fresh-run onions between 60°F and 65°F with plenty of airflows to keep onions dry


  • Demand for raw product is increasing, creating competition for remaining 2019-2020 fresh-market crop availability
    • Processer demand has risen as North America opens from COVID Shelter In Place
    • USDA Food Box programs are utilizing stocks of small potatoes (90-, 100-count, and non-A)
    • Prices are elevated
  • Supplementing MFC Washington Norkotahs may be necessary to bridge the gap until new crop, Idaho Norkotahs enter the market
  • New crop harvesting is to begin on August 10


  • Inconsistent weather patterns in the Salinas Valley have affected quality and yields
    • Harvesting crews are working diligently to remove and/or reduce quality issues
    • Markon Best Available will be substituted as needed  
  • Some grower/shippers reduced plantings due to COVID and concerns around past E.coli challenges; supplies are tightening



  • MFC Strawberries are available
  • Abnormally warm temperatures received in early June have reduced current yields
    • Fruit size is smaller due to heat which causes more berries to fill clamshells
    • Quality remains strong

Santa Maria

  • MFC Strawberries are available
  • Stocks are tight as production is past peak levels
  • Quality is good

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