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June 04, 2020

Bell Peppers
West Coast

  • Markon First Crop (MFC) and Markon Essentials (ESS) Green and Red Bell Peppers are available
  • California desert green bell pepper growers will transition from the Imperial Valley to Bakersfield over the next week
  • Red bells will transition to Bakersfield in early July; Imperial Valley supplies are currently covering demand

East Coast

  • MFC and ESS Green Bell Peppers are available
  • Minor rain is forecast for all of next week in Georgia; production may slow
  • Expect slightly higher prices next week


  • The California broccoli market is elevated due to strong demand and inconsistent stocks
    • Recent warm weather accelerated growth and caused a supply gap
    • Strong demand mixed with lower volume will keep markets elevated through June
  • Mexican broccoli is crossing below normal levels
    • Rain and high temperatures have tightened supplies
    • Strong demand is amplifying prices

Cantaloupe and Honeydew Melons

  • Domestic 6- and 9-count cantaloupes are available; prices are low as these sizes dominate the crop
    • 12- and 15-count melons are limited; markets are steady
    • 18-count cantaloupes are no longer available
  • Domestic 5- and 6-count honeydew prices are slightly higher; stocks are adequate
    • 8- and 9-count fruit is limited; prices are a bit higher
    • Mexican honeydews are on the market through June; markets are lower than those for domestic fruit
  • Overall quality is very good


  • Imported garlic shipments to the U.S. (from Argentina, China, Korea, Mexico, and Spain) are below normal levels; prices remain elevated
  • Demand for domestic garlic is extremely strong
  • The 2019 California storage crop is being depleted quickly; new crop harvesting will not begin until late June
    • Packer label Mexican supplies may need to be shipped for two to three weeks until new crop stocks are ready
    • Color, flavor, and size is similar to California stocks, with slightly less aroma and pungency
  • Expect new crop peeled California garlic to begin shipping July 1, 2020

Green Leaf, Iceberg, and Romaine

  • Following this week’s heat spike in California’s Salinas, Santa Maria, and Watsonville regions, weather will cool to normal levels over the weekend, then heat up again by the middle of next week   
  • Quality issues seen in pre-harvest inspections include growth cracks, insect damage, internal burn, mildew, seeders, sun scald, and tip burn (photos attached); harvesting crews will work diligently to remove or reduce quality issues    
  • Green leaf, iceberg, and romaine demand is currently moderate at best
    • Expect iceberg pricing to ease going into next week
    • Romaine and green leaf markets will remain depressed/steady


  • Quality is excellent  
  • Stocks are dominated by 90- and 100-count sizes
  • 110-count and smaller pears are limited


  • Growers pack and sell by the count as opposed to the volume-fill method used in Washington
    • California suppliers ship 40-pound packs; Washington growers use 44-pound cartons
    • Due to this pack difference, California ships approximately 6 to 10 fewer pieces of fruit per unit compared to Washington
    • The attached photos show Washington and California pear packs

2020-2021 Washington New Crop

  • The Bartlett season is forecast to begin the second week of August
  • D’Anjou production will start in early September


  • California production is centered in the Salinas/Watsonville growing region
  • Santa Maria harvesting has passed its peak
  • Prices are steady at low levels

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