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July 18, 2019

Bell Peppers

  • Green bell harvesting has been underway in California’s San Joaquin Valley for several weeks; supplies are ample
  • Red and yellow production is ramping up in the San Joaquin Valley this week; stocks are limited, but expect good availability and lower prices by this weekend
  • The North Carolina green bell season is going strong; this region produces very few red and yellow bell peppers
  • Michigan harvesting is delayed due to cool temperatures and wet weather earlier in the season; production is forecast to start the week of July 29


  • Ready-Set-Serve Washed & Trimmed Cilantro supplies will become increasingly limited as weather conditions cause quality and shelf-life challenges
  • Warmer-than-normal temperatures in California’s Salinas Valley growing region are causing leaves to turn yellow/brown and promoting the growth of seeders
  • Abnormally high humidity is forecast for California’s Ventura County over the next four to seven days, which will increase the similar quality concerns


  • Markon First Crop (MFC) and Markon Essentials (ESS) Lemons are available in California
  • The Southern California Coastal region is the main growing region
    • Quality is fairly good
    • Shelf-life is shorter at this time of the year due to warm, coastal growing conditions
  • New crop Mexican lemons are now available in limited quantities (into California and South Texas); MFC Lemons will start shipping in early August


  • MFC and ESS Limes are available
  • Elevated temperatures and wet weather in the primary growing regions of Mexico are causing quality issues and shortening shelf-life
  • Supply will meet demand over the next few weeks, but quality fruit will command higher prices


  • MFC Onions remain available in California and New Mexico
  • Limited supplies of new crop onions will be available in Washington the week of July 29
  • Idaho-grown onions will become available the week of August 5  
  • The Utah season is forecast to start August 19


  • MFC Idaho Burbank Potatoes will be available through August 9
  • Several sheds will send their last shipments of storage crop stocks this week, putting a strain on the already limited supply
  • 80- to 100-count sizes are abundant in both new crop Norkotahs and Burbanks
  • New crop Norkotah harvesting and packing will begin in a limited manner on August 7; most Idaho sheds will fully transition to new crop Norkotahs the week of August 12
  • New crop Burbank production will start in late September/early October


  • Production out of regional growing areas (Colorado, Eastern Canada, and the Northeastern U.S.) will finally increase by early next week
  • Slightly higher yields are forecast in all growing areas over the next month
  • Expect prices to ease into next week

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