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UPDATE SUMMARY: Week of July 11, 2016

July 15, 2016

MFC Lunch Bunch Grapes are available in 5-pound packs; 21-pound cartons will begin shipping the week of July 18. Mexican supplies are coming to an end and the transition to California-grown fruit is nearly complete. Supplies are ample, and quality is very good. The White Russet potato crop will be depleted by the end of this week; new crop harvesting will begin in August


  • Packer label Lunch Bunch domestic supplies will be substituted this week; quality is very good and the market is steady
  • The Mexican green seedless season has come to an end
  • The new crop California season will begin July 13
  • Expect higher prices for new crop California fruit
  • Quality is very good; prices are easing

White Russet Potatoes

  • The old crop white russet potato season is ending
  • New crop harvesting will be begin in August, but supplies will not be available for shipment until October
  • New crop must go through the sweat process which lasts approximately three to four weeks
  • After the sweat process, skins of the potato will have a smooth, net-like appearance

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