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January 09, 2020

Bell Peppers

  • Green Bells
    • Prices continue to rise; supplies are extremely limited
    • Rainy, cold weather is reducing Mexican volume in Hermosillo, Sonora
    • Limited Florida volume is shifting demand out west, further tightening stocks
  • Red Bells
  • The market is steady to slightly higher than last week; overall supplies are ample
  • Mexico is the primary growing region (into Nogales, Arizona)
  • The slight rise in prices should be short lived, as production is ramping up in the Culiacan, Sinaloa growing region


  • Mexican supplies (into South Texas) are adequate, but markets are climbing
  • Pin rot, mildew, and decay may be present in finished packs
  • Expect trigger level pricing on value-added florets into next week 


  • Color and texture remain adequate
  • Recent cold snaps are limiting yields and supplies, pushing up prices

Green Onions

  • Cold weather continues to hinder plant maturity, reducing supply levels in Northern Mexico
  • The market is forecast to reach second-tier trigger levels next week    

Green Leaf, Iceberg, and Romaine

  • Mildew pressure, epidermal blistering, and peeling continue to reduce yields
  • This week’s cool weather will keep supplies limited  


  • More cold weather will cause further loading delays this week; temperatures must be 18 degrees or higher to haul potatoes from cellars to packing sheds
  • Idaho potato prices are increasing, but expected to stabilize in February and March
  • Washington Norkotah markets are elevated; demand is shifting from Idaho to Washington

Tender Leaf Items

  • Arugula, spinach, and other spring mix varieties are limited
  • Mildew, discoloration, mechanical damage, and reduced shelf-life are concerns

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