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UPDATE SUMMARY: Week of January 26, 2015

January 30, 2015

Rain in the Arizona desert growing region this past week has delayed harvesting and caused quality issues in commodities such as iceberg and tender leaf crops. Strawberry supplies remain tight in Coachella and Oxnard, California. Offshore cantaloupe volume has increased and prices have eased, however the honeydew market remains elevated as stocks are limited.




• Increased offshore supplies have decreased cantaloupe prices

 The honeydew market will remain elevated for the next several weeks

 Cantaloupe and honeydew quality is very good; sugar levels range from 11 to 14 Brix

 Honeydew stocks will begin to increase over the next two to three weeks when the spring season starts in Mexico



Mildew Pressure in the Desert Region

 Approximately .35 inches of rain fell in the Yuma, Arizona growing region this past week

 Field conditions were not significantly impacted

 Iceberg lettuce crops are exhibiting high quantities of mildew and mildew damage that will be difficult to completely remove from commodity and value-added lettuce packs



Price and Supply Forecast for the Desert Region

 Iceberg supplies are tightening; green leaf and romaine stocks will remain limited

 Iceberg prices are expected to climb into the mid-teens early next week; green leaf and romaine prices will remain elevated at current levels through next week

 Quality issues such as epidermal blistering and peeling persist in green leaf and romaine commodities; iceberg is beginning to show signs of mildew damage on outer leaves

 Volatile prices and tight supplies are predicted through the transitional period, which is approximately six to eight weeks away



 Markon First Crop Strawberries are available out of Coachella, California; Markon Best Available will be substituted as necessary

 Stocks remain limited out of the Coachella and Oxnard, California growing regions

 Prices are steady

 Light rain may cause water damage, bruising, decay, and mold in fruit from both regions

 Markon’s Valentine’s Day promotion starts Monday, February 2 and runs through Saturday, February 14


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