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UPDATE SUMMARY: Week of January 25, 2016

January 28, 2016


Rain and cold temperatures in Florida have tightened bell pepper, cucumber, squash, and tomato supplies; prices are elevated. Ready-Set-Serve (RSS) Celery items decreased to second-tier trigger levels, effective January 28; supplies are increasing as production in the desert growing region ramps up. RSS Green Onion prices returned to normal levels, effective January 28; ideal growing conditions are promoting growth. Prices are expected to inch down through next week.


Bell Peppers, Cucumbers, and Squash

  • Improved weather in Southern Mexico has increased supplies and will slowly ease prices
  • Rain in Florida has slowed harvests; cool temperatures continue to stunt plant growth
  • Prices are elevated, especially those for yellow squash
  • Expect shortened shelf-life and quality issues such as bruising and stem decay in bell peppers and light color and scarring in cucumbers and squash
  • Prices may rebound next week as Northeast demand returns to typical levels


  • Offshore cantaloupe and honeydew stocks are increasing on both coasts; Mexican supplies are limited
  • Prices are stabilizing
  • Weather-related issues, including scarring and discoloration, will become less apparent
    • Expect melons with sweet flavor
    • Sugar levels range from 10 to 13 Brix
  • Mexican stocks will become more plentiful by mid-February

RSS Celery Trigger Levels

  • Effective January 28, prices for RSS Celery items decreased to second-tier trigger levels
  • Volume is rising; production is increasing in the desert growing region
  • Expect markets to continue easing over the next 7 to 10 days

RSS Green Onion Triggers

  • Effective January 28, prices for RSS Green Onions returned to normal levels
  • Supplies are increasing; ideal growing conditions are promoting growth
  • Industry supplies will continue to increase over the next several weeks
  • Expect prices to inch down through next week


  • Florida yields will be low through February as rainy weather persists; supplies will continue to increase from Mexico, but demand will keep prices strong
  • The market will remain elevated for several more weeks
  • Florida plants are damaged from persistent weather issues; high winds are causing bloom drop which will prolong shortages
  • Quality is excellent in Mexico
  • Expect tight Florida supplies through February 

Weather in the Desert Growing Region

  • Rain and gusty winds are expected to hit the Arizona/California growing region this Sunday, January 31 through Monday, February 1, dropping between .10” and .30” of rain
  • Freezing temperatures are also forecast to hit Tuesday, February 2 and Wednesday, February 3
  • Some rain and freeze-related quality issues may develop, depending on the severity of the storms
  • Markets are expected to rise; supplies will tighten by the middle of next week

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