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January 19, 2017



  • Markon First Crop (MFC) Broccoli Crowns are available (into South Texas and Yuma, Arizona); Markon Best Available (MBA) and packer label are being substituted in some instances due to low volume and quality problems
  • Cool weather and rain on the West Coast are lowering yields, keeping markets elevated
  • Overall quality is very good, but problems such as discoloration, inconsistent size, and mildew are tightening stocks
  • Expect elevated prices until supplies increase in the approximately two weeks

Cucumbers and Squash:

  • MFC Cucumbers are available from Mexico (into Nogales and South Texas)
  • MFC Squash is sporadic in Florida
  • East Coast domestic cucumber supplies are extremely limited; offshore production in Central America is sufficient, but higher transport costs will keep prices elevated
    • Mexican quality is excellent
    • Flavor is refreshing, shape is uniform, and color is dark green
  • Squash stocks are extremely limited due to below-average temperatures in Southern Florida and mainland Mexico
    • Expect elevated prices for the next two weeks as new crop Mexican supplies increase
    • Quality is good


  • Inclement weather continues to affect the Idaho/Oregon onion region; more storage and packing facilities have suffered damage and/or roof collapses due to snow
  • Supplies are tightening due to these interruptions
  • Loading delays are expected due to shorter production windows and diminished volume
  • Prices continue to inch up in all regions

Rain in California and Baja, Mexico:

  • Growers in Southern California and Northern Baja, Mexico are preparing for another set of storms over the next few days
  • Markon predicts harvesting and loading delays
  • Citrus, green onions, herbs, and strawberries will be most affected; expect limited supplies for the foreseeable future                          
  • Quality issues (i.e. decay, mildew pressure, tip burn, and water damage) will also reduce yields and strengthen demand
  • Markon inspectors are working with harvesting crews to make sure cartons are kept as clean and as dry as possible 

Rain in the Desert Growing Region:

  • MFC Premium Green Leaf and Romaine are sporadic; MBA is being substituted as necessary due to decay and mildew damage
  • MFC Premium Iceberg is available; MBA is being substituted as needed due to low weights 
  • The Arizona/California growing region continues to receive minimal amounts of rain; Markon does not anticipate harvesting delays
  • Market pricing remains low

Ready-Set-Serve Green Onions Trigger Down:

  • Open-market prices have fallen below first-tier contract trigger levels
  • Weather conditions have improved in the Baja growing region
  • The market is easing after two weeks of limited supplies

Truck Operator Strike in Mexico:

  • The protests expected this weekend at various U.S. ports of entry are a continued public response to the recent deregulation of fuel prices in Mexico
  • Customs are preparing for any potential disruptions; delayed border crossings could impact arrivals into Otay Mesa, Mexicali, Nogales, and McAllen
  • Mexican and U.S. Customs are extending hours today and tomorrow in anticipation of any problems 
  • Potential border delays and crossing times could affect current supply levels in Nogales, Arizona and South Texas

Valentine’s Day Strawberries:

  • MFC Strawberries are not available
    • Expect very limited MBA Strawberries for Valentine’s Day (pending rain) out of Oxnard, California
    • The majority of berries will be shipped in one-pound packer label clamshells
    • MBA Strawberries are available from Mexico (into South Texas) in 2/4-pound clamshells; packer label supplies are being substituted in 8/1-pound clamshells as needed
  • Markon will be offering Valentine’s Day lid pricing for orders loading Monday, January 30 through Tuesday, February 14; expect limited supplies in all regions during this time period

Please contact your Markon customer service representative for more information.


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