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UPDATE SUMMARY: Week of January 11, 2016

January 14, 2016


Ideal weather conditions on the West Coast and weak demand have caused iceberg prices to ease; quality is improving and yields are increasing. The cauliflower market continues to drop; supplies are becoming more plentiful despite rain in the desert growing regions. Expect lower prices for the next several weeks. Green onion stocks remain tight; the market will remain elevated for the next several weeks. Strawberry prices are high; demand exceeds supply. Volume will remain low through mid-February.


Bell Peppers, Cucumbers, and Squash

  • Cold weather and rain in Florida and Mexico will cause prices to spike next week
  • Limited supplies and elevated prices are forecast through January
  • Quality will be fair
  • Expect bruising, light color, scarring, and stem decay
  • Small sizes will dominate the Mexican crop
  • Prices will remain elevated until weather improves

Ready-Set-Serve (RSS) Iceberg Trigger Levels

  • Ideal weather in the desert growing region is aiding growth; demand is weak
  • Quality is improving; yields are increasing
  • Effective Thursday, January 14, prices for RSS salad items containing iceberg fell below first-tier triggers
  • Expect easing prices through next week

RSS Cauliflower Floret Trigger Levels

  • Prices continue to drop as volume rises   
  • Multiple growing regions in Arizona, California, and Mexico are in full production
  • Effective January 12, prices for RSS Cauliflower Florets returned to normal levels
  • Expect soft markets for the next several weeks

RSS Green Onion Triggers

  • Supplies are tight; prices are elevated
  • Small sizes dominate most fields; large sizes are extremely limited
  • Effective Wednesday, January 13, RSS Green Onions increased to third-tier trigger levels
  • Expect high prices for the next several weeks


  • The market will climb next week due to fewer stocks and stronger demand
  • Sufficient supplies are forecast once spring production begins in April
  • No shortages are expected (as in past years)
  • Prices will ease once harvesting starts in the spring


  • Prices are up this week; demand exceeds supply
  • California stocks are extremely limited and not expected to increase anytime soon due to low temperatures
  • Supplies from Florida and Mexico (into South Texas) will remain adequate through the Valentine’s Day pull
  • Markon First Crop and Markon Best Available (MBA) Strawberries are not available out of Oxnard, California; packer label supplies (in one-pound clamshells) are being substituted
  • A limited supply of MBA Strawberries will be available from Mexico (into South Texas) for loading the week of January 25
  • Expect tight stocks and elevated prices through mid-February

West Coast Prices

  • The broccoli, green leaf, iceberg, and romaine markets are expected to inch down over the next five to seven days
  • Yields and carton weights will rise as a result of warmer weather in the desert growing region
  • Favorable conditions in the Arizona/California desert growing region will help increase volume, while heavy snow and freezing temperatures in the Midwest and Northeast regions of the country will weaken demand and adjust market prices

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