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UPDATE SUMMARY: Week of February 23, 2015

February 26, 2015


The Mexican growing region is the primary source for avocados as harvesting is limited in California; the market is steadily rising due to strong demand. Desert vegetable supplies are abundant, but will tighten over the next three to six weeks as the season winds down. Markon Best Available (MBA) Strawberries are being shipped out of the Oxnard, California growing region due to recent rain.



Supplies of 60-count and smaller sizes are ample; some suppliers have limited availability of 48-count and larger fruit

The market is steadily rising; demand is strong

California quality is good: oil content is adequate and ripening time is average

Mexican quality is also good: oil content is high and ripening time is minimal 

Expect strong demand and high prices through the Easter holiday


Desert Region Prices

Most commodity supplies out of the desert growing region are abundant

Demand remains weak due to winter weather conditions in the Midwest, Northeast, and Southeast

Weak tip, growth cracking, ribby texture, and mildew are occasional quality issues

As the Arizona/California desert season winds down over the next three to six weeks, supplies will tighten



Warmer-than-normal temperatures aided growth in the California growing regions, however cooler temperatures are expected to slow production soon

The market is steady at low levels

Markon First Crop Strawberries are available out of Coachella, California; quality is very good

Despite sufficient supplies in Oxnard, water damage, light bruising, and soft texture are issues; MBA is being substituted

Expect the market to increase next week as rain has delayed harvests in Coachella and Oxnard; supply levels are not expected to be affected


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