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UPDATE Summary: Week of February 2, 2015

February 06, 2015

Slowdowns persist at the Los Angeles and Long Beach ports even though negotiations between employers and unions are progressing. The romaine market is easing in the desert growing area; prices have fallen below second-tier trigger levels. Strawberry quality out of the Oxnard, California growing region is improving and supplies are expected to meet Valentine’s Day demand.


Bell Peppers, Cucumbers and Squash

 Colored bell pepper and cucumber production will remain steady in Florida and Mexico; bell pepper, cucumber, and squash prices are low

 Bell pepper and cucumber quality is excellent; squash quality is good, however expect some scarring and light color

 Prices will start to rise over the next 7 to 10 days (when demand returns to typical levels and retailers start to ship for the Easter holiday)



 Markon First Crop (MFC) Lemons and Oranges are available; quality is very good

 The Yuma, Arizona lemon season has started to wind down; expect supplies through February

 Prices are stable, but will increase as summer approaches

 Mexican fruit will be available in August; this will help ease demand not met by California supplies


California Ports

 Expect shipment delays of Chinese garlic, Chinese ginger, dragon fruit, mangoes, melons, watermelon, and other specialty produce

 Chilean imports of grapes and stone fruit are being affected, keeping prices high; some suppliers are choosing to divert containers to ports in Florida and Texas, adding additional costs to West Coast shipments

 Quality problems are being reported in some perishable items due to these delays

 Shipments were on hold for 3 to 5 days before unloading, but now may be held as many as 14 days


Idaho Potatoes

 MFC Burbank and Norkotah Potatoes are available 

 Carton stocks are dominated by 80- to 100-count sizes; larger potatoes (40- to 70-count) are limited

 Since demand is weaker than normal due to poor weather and transportation issues, prices are gradually inching down

 Expect lower prices for the duration of the month and a stable market by mid-March


Romaine Triggers

 Warm temperatures in the desert region are promoting growth

 The market is easing; prices have fallen below second-tier trigger levels

 Frost-related defects such as epidermal blistering and peeling are minimal

 Expect falling prices into next week; the green leaf market is also expected to dip below first-tier trigger levels in the next several days



 MFC Strawberries are available out of Coachella and Oxnard, California

 Between these two regions, supplies are expected to meet Valentine’s Day demand

 Prices are steady to slightly lower and will continue to ease as demand weakens over the next 7 to 10 days


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