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February 20, 2020

Commodity Iceberg and Leaf Varieties

  • Recent weather has caused quality problems, including
    • Minor frost damage
    • Growth cracks
    • Internal burn
    • Sporadic mildew damage
    • Weak tips


  • Cool temperatures and inclement weather have slowed growth in Culiacan, Sinaloa, Mexico; large sizes are especially tight
  • Warmer weather is forecast this week in Mexico which will help increase stocks over the coming weeks
  • Expect better availability and lower prices by the first week of March


  • Availability of 40- to 70-count cartons will decrease further as Burbanks become the primary variety packed in early March
  • 80- through 100-count cartons are more readily available
  • Washington’s Norkotah market continues to rise
  • Expect both Idaho and Washington potato prices to climb through the rest of the season

Tender Leaf Varieties

  • Inclement weather has caused quality issues in items such as arugula, spinach, and other spring mix varieties
  • Expect varying amounts of mildew, discoloration, mechanical damage, and reduced shelf-life


  • Mexican yields are lower than normal due to cool weather and rain damage; shipments into Arizona and South Texas are well-below normal
  • Florida supply is not meeting demand; domestic stocks are extremely limited
  • Rain damage is present in most lots; quality is fair
  • Round tomatoes (mature greens and vineripes) are being substituted for Romas to help fill orders

Value-Added Shreds, Salads, and Blends

  • Premature pinking due to excess water retained after the rain
  • Minor frost damage

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