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UPDATE SUMMARY: Week of February 1, 2016

February 05, 2016


Cold temperatures and strong winds in the growing regions of Sonora, Mexico have slowed production and tightened yellow squash and zucchini supplies; elevated prices and tight stocks are expected through February. Many commodity supplies from the Arizona/California desert growing regions have increased; markets are lower. Industry celery supplies are becoming more plentiful; effective February 4, Ready-Set-Serve (RSS) Celery items decreased to normal levels.


Cold Weather in Mexico

  • Low temperatures have slowed production and tightened yellow squash and zucchini supplies
  • Limited East Coast stocks continue to strengthen demand for Mexican products loading in Nogales, Arizona
  • Strong winds will damage current blooms, causing possible shortages in early March
  • Expect elevated prices and tight stocks for most of February, especially for squash

 Desert Outlook

  • Arizona/California desert supplies are increasing; prices are easing
  • Quality is improving due to ideal temperatures
  • Expect adequate supplies and normal prices for the next four to six weeks

 Idaho Potatoes

  • Carton and No. 2 prices will inch down in February, Idaho Potato Lover’s Month
  • Most sheds will run full production for retail orders, generating more cartons and No. 2 supplies for foodservice
  • Markon First Crop Burbank and Norkotah stocks are readily available
    • Norkotah shipments are expected to continue through early April
    • Burbank supplies will run through the end of July
  • Expect steady to slightly higher prices starting in April through the end of the season

 RSS Celery

  • Industry supplies continue to increase; ideal temperatures are promoting growth
  • Expect the market to continue easing into next week


  • Markon Best Available Strawberries are extremely tight; packer label 8/1-pound packs are being substituted
  • Supplies remain extremely limited for Valentine’s Day; demand exceeds supply in all areas
  • Strong demand and limited stocks are keeping the market elevated
  • Availability is not expected to return to normal until the weeks of February 15 or 22, pending weather

 Please contact your Markon customer service representative for more information.


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