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UPDATE SUMMARY: Week of December 26, 2016

December 29, 2016


Cold Weather Forecast for Northwest:

  • Cold weather is forecast in Idaho and Oregon starting Tuesday, January 3 and continuing through Wednesday, January 11
    • Temperatures as low as minus 14 degrees in Eastern Idaho and minus 2 degrees in Easterner Oregon/Western Idaho could affect the number of potatoes and onions being packed and delay loading times 
    • At this time, temperatures in Washington are forecast to fall below eighteen degrees once; onion and potato production is anticipated to be normal
  • Markon recommends loading onions and potatoes in Idaho and Oregon Friday, December 30 and Saturday, December 31
  • If low temperatures persist for more than a few days, packing hours will be reduced (for example, from eight to four hours)

Green Onions:

  • Warm weather is expected in Baja, Mexico through the weekend; however, green onion stocks will remain tight due to cold weather and limited field labor caused by the holidays
  • The recent wet/cool climate over the past few weeks has caused onions to become more brittle and increased mechanical damage
  • Dry conditions and average temperatures that are forecast for Baja through January 8 will advance plant growth
  • The market will remain elevated (mid- to high 20s) for the next 7 to 10 days

Rain and Ice in the Desert Growing Region:

  • Next week’s freezing temperatures are expected to slow maturity and create harvesting/loading delays; markets are poised to rise
  • Wet conditions will increase mildew on lettuce and leaf crops, while freezing temperatures will create more epidermal peeling and blistering; these issues will reduce yields and overall head weights
  • Markon First Crop (MFC) Premium Green Leaf and Romaine is available; Markon Best Available (MBA) is being substituted as necessary due to visible mildew pressure and fringe burn 
  • MFC Premium and Trimmed Iceberg Lettuces are available; MBA is being substituted in some cases due to low weights


  • MFC Strawberries are not available; packer label and MBA are being substituted as needed
  • West Coast supplies are extremely limited; rain-related quality issues are major concerns
  • Weather has been favorable in Mexico (into South Texas)
    • Supplies are ample
    • Markon recommends loading out of this region for best availability and quality
  • Maintaining 32-34 degrees Fahrenheit and ordering for quick turns is crucial for optimizing shelf-life during the winter months

Please contact your Markon customer service representative for more information.


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