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August 08, 2019

Bell Peppers

  • Green bell markets have eased; supplies are ample
    • Production is underway in Canada and Michigan
    • California harvesting is ramping up
    • Markets are poised to continue easing going into next week
  • Red bell markets remain firm; supplies are limited
  • California production is transitioning to northern and coastal growing regions
  • East Coast and Mexican production is very light; the West Coast is the primary growing region this time of year
  • Expect firm prices through mid-August

Brussels Sprouts

  • Mexico’s season finished last week, shifting demand to California’s growing regions (Salinas, Santa Maria, and Watsonville)
  • California yields are lower than normal due to elevated levels of insect pressure in the Castroville and Salinas growing districts
  • Expect limited inventories and higher markets for the next several weeks  

Idaho Potatoes

Storage Crop

  • Burbank quality is good; pressure bruising is more prevalent at this point in the season
  • Burbank and Norkotah markets will remain active through early September due to both storage and new crop supplies not meeting current demand
  • Order lead-time and flexible loading dates will be needed for coverage

New Crop Norkotahs

  • New crop Norkotah production has started; most Idaho sheds will fully transition to new crop Norkotahs the week of August 19
  • Field-run Markon First Crop Norkotahs will be available August 12
  • New crop Burbank production will begin in late September/early October


  • Cantaloupe quality is below normal for this time of year due to weather challenges early in the growing season
    • A wet and cold spring contributed to insect pressure and increased fungus in the soil
    • Humidity in California’s San Joaquin Valley is also shortening shelf-life
  • Honeydew quality is very good; shelf-life is normal with fewer issues being reported
  • Markon recommends ordering for quick turns


  • California growers planted fewer acres due to last season’s weak tomato prices
  • In addition, yield per acre is well-below normal for this time of year due to weather
  • East coast and Mexico stocks are down
  • Expect elevated prices into September

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