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April 09, 2021

Bell Peppers
Green Bells

  • Mexican supplies are tight due to last month’s cool evenings
    • Size has decreased
    • Extra-large peppers are commanding higher prices
  • Florida bell pepper production is steady
  • The California growing season has started in the Coachella Valley
    • Expect light production over next two weeks, with the season hitting its stride by April 15
    • Early harvesting will be heavily dominated by jumbo and large sizes
  • Expect strong markets over next two weeks; quality is excellent

Red and Yellow Bells

  • Mexico is the primary growing region
    • Ample supplies are expected over the next two weeks
    • Prices are expected to remain low
  • California’s Coachella Valley crop will start in mid-May
  • Canadian greenhouse volume is increasing
    • Most peppers are in the extra-large to jumbo size range
    • Quality is excellent


  • Mexican shipments (crossing through South Texas) are well below normal to start the week
  • Harvesting was curtailed over the weekend due to Good Friday and Easter
  • 110- and 150-count sizes are especially tight
    • The crop is producing very few large sizes
    • Demand is shifting to 175- and 200-count fruit
  • Prices are rising across all sizes; however, there is a considerable savings on 230- and 250-count sizes this week
  • Expect elevated markets through May due to bloom drop and low fruit set caused by a cold front in February

Idaho, Oregon, and Washington

  • MFC Red and Yellow Onions from Idaho, Oregon, and Washington will ship through early May
  • White onions are nearly depleted; supplies will be very sporadic as the season concludes
  • Expect diminishing quality in storage shipments as the season begins to wrap up
    • Onions will have golden, cured skins, but may be softer than early and mid-season stocks
    • Problems may include occasional internal decay, mold, and multiple centers/hearts


  • Fresh-run, Texas-grown onions have a small size profile, mostly yielding medium and jumbo supplies
  • This crop has feathery skins and light color/exterior skins compared to Northwest storage onions


  • Remaining Navel stocks are dominated by 88-count and larger sizes
  • Current Navel sugar levels range from 12 to 14 Brix; Valencia sugar levels are expected to start from 9 to 12 Brix
  • Navels are a deeper orange color while, Valencias range from light to full color and will require greening in the summer months
  • Mexican Valencias are expected to be on the market through June
    • Mexican Valencia sugar levels are currently 12 to 14 Brix
    • Stocks are dominated by 88- to 113-count sizes

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