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April 30, 2020

Bell Peppers

  • The Mexican season (into Nogales, Arizona) is winding down
  • California’s Coachella Valley green bell pepper season is just getting started; red bell pepper production will begin the week of May 11
  • Mexican imports (into South Texas) are below normal levels
  • Both green and red supplies are limited Florida; harvesting will continue through mid-May, then growers will transition to Georgia


  • The market for large celery, specifically 18-, 24-, and 30- count sizes, continues to climb
  • Cool, damp weather, as well as the soil disease Fusarium, has hindered maturity and reduced yields in the Oxnard, California growing region   
  • With fewer large sizes available, demand will shift to 36- and 48- count sizes
  • Expect small celery markets to keep rising

Idaho Potatoes

  • Idaho 40- to 90-count cartons are abundant
  • Storage crop quality is very good, but pressure bruising and hollow heart have been sporadic in large sizes (40- to 80-count potatoes)
  • 5/10-pound, 10/5-pound, and 6/8-pound retail bales are readily available
  • New crop harvesting is forecast to begin on August 3

Iceberg Lettuce

  • Some growers are struggling to find enough labor due to the effects of the COVID-19 virus
  • Suppliers that have a sufficient labor force are able to pack without interruption
  • Expect prices to inch down going into next week


  • Mexican crossings into the U.S. are below normal levels; cool weather and weak demand have reduced volume
    • Round and Roma tomatoes remain scarce
    • Spring harvesting will begin in Baja, Mexico by late May
  • Florida’s spring crop has struggled; however, supplies should steadily increase over the next few weeks as production transitions to new growing regions

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