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April 20, 2017
Broccoli and Cauliflower
Broccoli stocks are increasing
Pricing is starting to ease in all regions; contract triggers will fluctuate as markets adjust over the next four to six weeks
Cauliflower volume remains low this week, but will increase next week
Pricing will ease as more supplies become available
Supplies have decreased in Mexicali, Mexico; the transition to the Baja region will begin in early May
Oxnard, Santa Maria, and Salinas have been impacted by rain and cold weather, reducing quality and yields 
Warmer weather will improve quality in California; supplies will increase in early May
Expect high markets until supplies improve
Expect volume to decline sharply next week; supplies will remain limited through the end of the month
Suppliers will continue monitoring sales to cover regular customers, holding to weekly averages 
Seeder and pith are issues affecting yield on celery, creating limited supplies
The market will rise in the coming weeks
Green Leaf and Romaine
Romaine supplies are becoming more plentiful
Green leaf supplies are not recovering as quickly as romaine, but are on the rise
Overall, green leaf and romaine quality is very good
Markets will ease as more supplies become available 
Stocks remain very limited; processors are purchasing additional acreage to cover demand
Suppliers will monitor sales to cover regular customers, holding to weekly averages
Weights are light, causing processors to reach into immature fields in order to fill demand, putting upward pressure on markets
Contract triggers have been implemented and will continue to increase as markets rise
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