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UPDATE: Subtropical Storm Ana

May 08, 2015


A tropical storm watch is in effect for coastal areas of North Carolina and South Carolina. Subtropical Storm Ana will move northwest into South Carolina today and Saturday. Two to four inches of rain and sustained winds with higher gusts are forecast through the weekend.


  • Current bell pepper, cucumber, and squash growing areas in Florida and Georgia are inland and won’t be affected by this storm
  • North Carolina growing areas for these items will start harvesting in approximately 30 days
    • Crops are located approximately 100 miles inland; a chance of showers and winds are forecast
    • Plants are small with no blooms yet; no damage is expected
  • Tomatoes will start production in coastal regions of the Carolinas in three to four weeks
    • High winds could cause damage to blooms and small fruit on plants
    • This may result in low yields and higher prices through the month of June
  • Subtropical Storm Ana begins the Atlantic hurricane season more than three weeks before the official start date of June 1


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