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UPDATE: Strawberries

December 02, 2019

Rain has impacted California’s main strawberry growing regions; more storms are forecast through the week. Strawberry supplies are extremely limited; quality issues include decay, bruising, and mold which are reducing shelf-life significantly. New crop harvesting has started in a limited way in Florida and Mexico, but volume is not expected to rise until mid-December.

Santa Maria/Lompoc Forecast


  • California quality and supply levels have been heavily affected by wet weather
    • Santa Maria and Lompoc stocks are virtually non-existent
    • Harvesting will be limited all week
    • Oxnard volume is not expected to recover until mid- to late December
  • New crop Mexican stocks are available for loading in South Texas and Yuma, Arizona
    • Volume is low, but will increase as the weather improves; prices are high
    • Fruit is small due to inclement weather
  • New crop Florida berries have begun shipping in a limited way
    • Expect limited quantities for the next two weeks only
    • Markon First Crop Strawberries in one- and two-pound clamshells will be available in mid- to late December
  • Pricing remains elevated; stocks are tight

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