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UPDATE: Strawberries

March 19, 2018

California’s primary growing regions of Oxnard and Santa Maria will receive a series of rain events beginning tomorrow morning and continuing through Thursday, March 22. Forecasts call for totals of up to four inches of rain.

  • Markon First Crop Strawberries are limited; Markon Best Available and packer label are being substituted as needed
  • Once rain begins, growers will not be able to harvest in the muddy/wet field conditions
    • Availability will be limited by the end of this week
    • Prices are on the rise  
  • Markon’s California suppliers are packing ahead today in anticipation of the rain later this week
  • Quality and shelf-life will be heavily impacted
  • Florida supplies are limited this week as their season is ending

Please contact your Markon customer service representative for more information.

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