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UPDATE: Strawberries

December 28, 2016

Markon First Crop (MFC) Strawberries are not available; packer label and Markon Best Available (MBA) are being substituted as needed.


California’s primary growing region received approximately 1 ½” of rain this past Friday, December 23. Supplies on the West Coast are very light; rain-related quality issues are major concerns. Weather has been favorable in Florida and Mexico (into South Texas); supplies are ample. Markon recommends loading out of these regions for best availability and quality. Maintaining 32-34 degrees Fahrenheit and ordering for quick turns is crucial for optimizing shelf-life during the winter months.


Santa Maria, California

  • The fall season has come to an end
  • New crop spring harvesting is expected to begin in late January/early February, pending weather

Oxnard, California

  • MFC and MBA Strawberries are not available; packer label is being substituted as needed due to rain
  • 1 ½” of rain fell Friday, December 23; rain-related quality issues such as bleeding, bruising, cracking, decay, and water damage are major concerns
  • Cool temperatures and short days will keep yields low and stocks limited for the next few weeks; expect to see white shoulders due to slow growth
  • Markon does not recommend shipping rain-damaged fruit at this time, as arrival issues are more frequent than normal
  • The market is stable due to weak demand during the holidays; however, Oxnard fruit is still commanding higher prices than fruit from Florida and Mexico


  • Production is at full speed; supplies are ample
  • Weather has been favorable so far this season
  • Size ranges from small to medium-plus, depending on variety; many of the larger size lots are averaging 17–22 berries per 1-pound clamshell
  • Cooler temperatures are forecast for the end of this week; this should reduce volume a bit, but keep quality high
  • Prices are steady at low levels (comparable to those in Mexico)

Mexico (loading in South Texas)

  • MBA Strawberries are available in 2/4-pound clamshells; packer label supplies in 8/1-pound clamshells are being substituted as needed
  • Harvesting is at its peak; stocks are plentiful
  • Overall quality is good: occasional issues such as bruising, dark spots, mold, and white shoulders are minor concerns
  • The market is steady at low levels
  • Markon recommends ordering out of South Texas for best coverage 

Please contact your Markon customer service representative for more information.


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