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UPDATE: Strawberries

February 05, 2016


Stocks remain extremely limited; demand exceeds supply in all areas. Volume will not return to normal until the week of February 22, pending weather. Markon’s Valentine’s Day promotional pricing will continue through Friday, February 12.


Southern California

  • Markon Best Available (MBA) Strawberries are not available; a limited supply of packer label 8/1-pound packs are being substituted
  • El Nino weather patterns over the past month have hindered growth and kept yields very low compared to last year
  • Many lots are still recovering from rain damage; most growers did not harvest every day this week
  • The weather forecast is ideal over the next 10 days (no rain), which will help to increase supplies by the week of February 22
  • The market remains elevated; demand exceeds supply

Mexico (into South Texas)

  • A limited supply of MBA Strawberries are available in 2/4-pound packs; packer label 8/1-pound packs are being substituted as needed
  • Mexico is the primary growing region at this time, producing three to four times more fruit as California
  • Cooler temperatures over the past few weeks, along with strong demand from other regions, have tightened supplies
  • Mexico will have the best availability through February
  • Prices are rising


  • Yesterday’s rain halted harvesting once again; supplies are extremely limited this week
  • Poor weather has tightened supplies and caused another wave of quality issues
  • Overall stocks are significantly lower than last season; January’s low temperatures slowed growth
  • Supplies are not expected to increase until after Valentine’s Day
  • Strong demand is keeping the market elevated; demand exceeds supply

Please contact your Markon customer service representative for more information.


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