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UPDATE: Salinas Valley Outlook

July 24, 2015


The past month’s abnormally high temperatures, combined with extreme humidity caused by Hurricane Dolores will prolong the quality issues the industry has been experiencing over the past six weeks. Problems such as fringe burn, insect pressure, internal burn, light texture, and mildew are reducing yields for commodity and value-added products grown in the Salinas Valley. Seeder is expected to increase in iceberg and leafy green crops. 


  • Prices will rise by early August; quality issues are decreasing commodity and value-added supplies
  • Despite problems in the Salinas Valley and Santa Maria, regional stocks from growing areas across North America are holding prices steady
  • Processor demand is strong
    • Quality concerns are reducing yields
    • Growers must harvest more acres than normal
  • Quality issues are expected to persist through the month of August
  • Markon will continue to send updates about quality, supply levels, and prices as the situation unfolds


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