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UPDATE: Salinas, California Weather Outlook

June 22, 2017

Central California growing regions continue to experience unseasonably high temperatures. Warmer-than-normal weather will persist through the weekend. By Tuesday, June 27, a slight cool down is expected, but temperatures will remain elevated.  

  • Markon First Crop Premium Green Leaf, Iceberg, Romaine, and Strawberries are sporadic; Markon Best Available will be substituted as needed
  • Higher temperatures will promote crop growth, but can also create heat-related quality challenges and shelf-life issues in lettuces, leafy greens, and strawberries
  • Expect more burn, dehydration, growth cracks, and sunscalding
  • Harvesting crews will start as early as possible to avoid peak temperatures

Please contact your Markon customer service representative for more information.

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