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UPDATE: Ready-Set-Serve (RSS) Fresh-Cut Orange Products

September 11, 2015


The California drought continues to challenge California’s Valencia Orange crop and the quality of fresh-cut citrus. 

  • Internal hollow centers are a concern
    • Fragmenting of the internal sections increases due to decreased moisture within the fruit
    • Above-normal temperatures contribute to softness
    • Fruit becomes more susceptible to breakdown
  • Sourcing smaller sizes, when available, will help with the fragmenting of internal sections and overall quality
    • Sections will be on the smaller end of the current specification, ranging from 0.75-1.0” width and 2.0-3.0” in length
    • Expect 6-8 cut orange segments per piece of fruit when using 56- to 88-count sizes
    • Cut segments will be closer to 8 pieces when using smaller fruit

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