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UPDATE: Rain in Florida

May 14, 2018

Heavy rains are forecast for Florida this week, beginning Sunday, May 13, and persisting through Sunday, May 20. The Atlantic hurricane season officially starts Friday, June 1, but tropical and subtropical depressions may form in the Gulf of Mexico this week, bringing heavy moisture to most of the state.

  • Markon First Crop Bell Peppers, Cucumbers and Squash are not available; packer label is being substituted for the end of the season
  • Current bell pepper supplies are extremely limited, with many growers finished for the season
  • What few stocks are left in Florida will be extremely limited this week; harvesting will be postponed due to muddy and wet field conditions
  • Georgia is the next growing region for many vegetable commodities; the season is getting a slow start compared to last year due to cooler temperatures in March and April
    • Cabbage and squash are currently available
    • Cucumbers will begin in a limited manner this week
    • Bell peppers will not begin until the week of May 28
  • Expect loading delays and higher prices this week

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Please contact your Markon customer service representative for more information.

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