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UPDATE: Quality in the Arizona/California Desert Region

October 26, 2015

Quality challenges are expected in iceberg lettuce crops grown in the Arizona/California desert growing region. The first iceberg harvests will begin the week of November 2, followed by green leaf and romaine production the week of November 9. Over the past 60 days, the desert growing areas have experienced temperatures above 100 degrees, high winds, and rain that have challenged growth and quality.   

  • The Markon Quality Assurance team and many suppliers have reported quality problems such as bottom rot, irregular head size, seeder, sunscald, and weak tip that will lower yields and limit supplies
    • Tropical storms have brought nearly five inches of rain to Southwest Arizona
    • Some growers have had to adjust and/or maneuver plantings to areas that weren’t as affected by the rain 
  • Many lost acreage, delaying start dates
  • Processor demand will be very strong; more raw product will be required to meet weight specifications
  • Markon will continue to update the membership as more information becomes available and the Arizona/California desert winter season nears 

Please contact your Markon customer service representative for more information.


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