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UPDATE: Preliminary Move Dates For Spring Transition 2019

March 06, 2019

A portion of green leaf, iceberg and romaine lettuce production will transition from the Arizona/California desert region north to the growing region of Huron, California the week of March 18, before the final move to Salinas, California in early to mid-April. Expect Yuma, Arizona supplies to tighten by late March and be depleted by the mid-April.

Weeks of March 18 and 25

  • A small number of suppliers will start packing and shipping commodity green leaf and iceberg lettuce from Huron
  • Commodity green leaf and iceberg will continue to be shipped out of Yuma through mid-April 
  • Source-based processors for Ready-Set-Serve items will remain in Yuma through the month of March

Week of April 1

  • Most processors will begin their transition out of Yuma and head north to Salinas
  • A select few processors will remain in Yuma for two more weeks
  • Large quantities will be transferred both up (to Salinas) and down (to Yuma) from this point through April 20

Weeks of April 8 and 15

  • Most processors will be in Salinas
  • Very few suppliers will still be in Yuma
  • High volume will transferred both up (to Salinas) and down (to Yuma)

Week of April 22

  • All processors will be processing and shipping out of Salinas, completing the 2019 Spring Transition

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