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UPDATE: Pineapple

June 30, 2016

Pineapple supplies are limited; import levels are below normal for this time of year. Large sizes (5- and 6-count fruit) are especially tight. Weather challenges and a seasonal harvesting gap will extend shortages through September. Expect rising prices.


Costa Rica

  • Weather patterns in Costa Rica over the past several months have reduced overall stocks
  • The growing region is approaching the time of year when production naturally slows
    • Pineapple plants rely on weather patterns to flower naturally
    • Volume normally declines in July, August, and September
  • Large sizes (5- and 6-count fruit) are extremely limited; small sizes (7- and 8-count supplies) are more readily available
  • Quality is good; sugar levels range from 14 to 15 Brix
  • Expect decreased stocks through mid-September; volume will return to normal levels by early October
  • The market will rise


  • The season is expected to end early this year
    • Approximately 50% fewer supplies are being shipped into the U.S.
    • Rain, humidity, and high temperatures have reduced yields and are affecting quality
  • Current quality is fairly good: sugar levels are averaging 13 Brix
  • Small sizes (7- and 8-count fruit) dominate the crop
    • Large sizes are limited
    • 5-count stocks are not available
  • The season is expected to gap in late July when quality becomes too poor to ship to the U.S.
  • New crop harvesting will begin in late August
  • Expect prices to climb over the next several weeks

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