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UPDATE: Oranges

September 26, 2016

Markon First Crop (MFC) and Markon Essentials (ESS) Oranges are sporadic; packer label is being substituted as needed. Late-season quality is fair in California Valencias: re-greening, shorter-than-normal shelf-life, softness, and stem aging are quality concerns that are typical at this time of year due to high temperatures. New crop California Navel harvesting is expected to begin the week of October 17. A limited supply of Texas oranges are now available for loading in South Texas. The offshore season is winding down; very few stocks remain on the market.



  • MFC and ESS Valencia Oranges are sporadic; packer label is being substituted as needed
  • The season is winding down
    • Supplies are expected to run through October
    • 113- and 138-count sizes are extremely tight
  • Sustained, triple-digit temperatures have decreased quality and shortened shelf-life for the rest of the season
    • Texture is softer-than-normal
    • Signs of stem end aging and occasional breakdown not present at time of shipping are being reported upon arrival
    • Some green coloring is common during the summer months, but high temperatures have increased the amount of re-greening
      • This phenomenon occurs during the ripening process; warm weather causes rinds to re-absorb chlorophyll
      • The increased chlorophyll, which gives plants their green color, results in a green tint starting near the stem end
      • Despite the green color, fruit is still fully ripe, sweet, and juicy
  • Markon recommends ordering for quick turns
  • A limited supply of new crop California Navels are expected to begin shipping the week of October 17
  • To view a photo of 113-count California Valencia Navels fancy grade, click here; for a photo of 113-count California Valencia Navels choice grade, click here
  • New crop MFC and ESS Navels will become available the week of October 24


  • The Florida season will start by the week of October 17
  • Early season supplies will be tight
  • Florida fruit is great for juicing


  • Packer label Texas Navel oranges are available for loading in Mission, Texas
  • Early season supplies are limited
    • Sizing is dominated by large fruit
      • 72- and 88-count sizes are most prevalent
      • 113-count and smaller sizes are extremely tight
    • Only combo grade is available at this time (a mix between fancy and choice); it’s comparable to California choice grade
  • Prices for small fruit are comparable to the California market, but higher for large sizes
  • Growers will start harvesting the Texas Early Orange variety (which is similar to a Valencia) the week of October 3
  • To view a photo of 113-count Texas Navels combo grade, click here; for a photo of 113-count Texas Navel choice grade, click here


  • The season is winding down
  • A limited supply of Australian, Chilean, and South African Navels will be on the market through mid-October
    • Only fancy grade fruit is available; the majority of these oranges have PLU stickers
    • 88- and 113-count fruit are very limited; shipments are dominated by large sizes
    • Prices are higher than those for domestic fruit
  • Offshore oranges are packed in 15kg/33-pound cartons (80 per pallet) versus domestic oranges that are shipped in 18kg/40-pound cartons (54 per pallet)

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