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UPDATE: Oranges

July 30, 2015



Markon First Crop and Markon Essentials Oranges are available. Prices have remained stable over the past few weeks, but will begin to rise due to strong demand. Chilean Navel oranges are available for loading on both the East and West Coasts. South African Navel oranges are available on the East Coast only.


California Valencia Oranges


  • The California season will run through October
  • Quality is good
    • Flavor is sweet
    • Sugar/acid levels range from 12.5 to 13.5 Brix
  • The current crop is dominated by 113-count and smaller fruit; the mild winter weather and lack of spring rainfall kept size small
  • Larger sizes (72-count and larger fruit) remain limited
  • Re-greening is a common Valencia issue during the summer months
    • Warm temperatures and longer days cause a pigment called chlorophyll to return to the skin
    • This occurrence causes a green tint on outer skins
    • Quality and sweetness are not affected by re-greening
  • Prices are stable, but poised to rise over the next few weeks
    • Demand has strengthened because many schools are back in session
    • The crop is dominated by fancy grade fruit
    • Recent rain in California’s San Joaquin Valley will increase size
  • The new crop California Navel season will start in October




  • Chilean and South African Navel oranges are on the market
    • Product is available for loading on the East Coast
    • Limited quantities of Chilean Navels are loading on the West Coast
    • These seasons will run through October
  • Quality is good: flavor is sweet
    • South African Navel sugar levels range from 11 to 13 Brix
    • Chilean Navel sugar levels are 10 to 12 Brix
  • Size ranges from 48- to 138-count fruit
  • Prices are higher than those for California Valencias


Texas Oranges

  • New crop Texas oranges will hit the market in early October
  • Texas has received more-than-normal rainfall this year compared to previous seasons
  • Crop evaluations for size and grade will start in early September
  • Early indicators suggest large size will dominate the crop due to excess rain


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